Mind over Matter – Develop the culture to deliver in LEAN PDCA, Agile and Design Thinking

Companies large and small have discovered the benefits of autonomous project execution in combination with short go-to-market cycles as seen in Design Thinking, Scrum & Agile and the LEAN continuous improvement concept of PDCA. Dynamic teams of experts and developers are assigned objectives and within the scope of the project, they will explore and deliver the optimal solutions. Decisions are made by the team based on facts and findings, and the unknown is tested as early as possible. By breaking down the larger objectives in smaller stages, results can be battle-tested in the field much quicker and improvements find their way into operations long before the final products and processes are launched.

Key to benefiting from these opportunities is to grow a culture which fully supports and understands the ins and outs of autonomous project delivery. None of this works when the principles and requirements are not carried and understood throughout the organization. From the top executives to the operators at machines, and from the head of engineering to the technician responsible for the implementation, even suppliers and contractors must all support and understand the principals of autonomous project delivery. Although the benefits of autonomous project execution in combination with short go-to-market cycles are understood and desired, organizations face challenges creating empowered dynamic teams.

Another hurdle to take for many organizations is the acceptance that scope and timeline are not written in stone with autonomous project delivery in the same manner these would apply to classical rigid and controlled delivery methods. There is no room for “deliver these features by that date” in the classical manner when searching the benefits of autonomous project delivery. The assignment should be “give me the best benefits as soon as possible” as starting point of an exploring development and delivery.

With the complexity of large matrix organizations, the gap between being empowered by the organization and feeling empowered in the daily role can become of such magnitude that a theoretically fully empowered team-lead still needs to request hierarchical approval for even the smallest changes. Successful Executives have learned through emotional competence that feeling empowered is not the result of an updated Org-Chart. Regardless if LEAN, Agile, Design Thinking, or a wonderful mix of those, to benefit from autonomous project delivery the organization needs to develop the culture to deliver, sustain and improve with empowered and accountable teams. And that takes significant emotional competence.

Workshop languages: English, German or Dutch

In the workshop “Mind over Matter – Emotional Competence in Autonomous Project Execution”, Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag takes your organization on a journey of challenges and solutions from an Emotional Competence perspective. This workshop can be booked by organizations, companies and groups with a minimum of 8 participants. For further information, please use the contact form or simply write an email to info @ johannesdrooghaag . com