Kids start to use computers and the internet at a young age and it is important to help them understand what they are dealing with. And let’s be honest with each other, the explosive spread of ransomware and malware makes clear that this is already difficult enough for plenty of adults. So let’s make an effort together to inform, educate and support the kids!

This program is intended for parents and teachers who want to guide and support children with safe internet usage. Safe internet usage will protect the children and others!

Module 1: Internet Safety for parents and teachers of smart kids – Parents and teachers can view this video to get acquainted with the priorities and get practical tips. This video can also be used by schools to inform groups of parents and as opening session for an informative session, similar to what I do when organizing workshops for parents and teachers at schools and sports clubs.

Module 2: Internet Safety for Smart Kids (and their parents & teachers) – This video is intended to be watched by children in companion of parents and/or teachers. Either at home, or in groups at school. The most important part is to create a good basis for communication and trust about using the internet!

These informative videos are based on my workshops Internet Safety for Parents and Teachers of Smart Kids, which are available in Dutch, English and German. Contact me when you are interested in organizing a workshop at a nearby school, sports club, etc.

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