Cyber Security for Road Warriors and Couch Potatoes

During a business trip to the remote parts of the former Soviet Union, a trip which had become a bit rough around the edges in the past days, we decided over a warm beer and a not much warmer slice of bread with tomato sauce that was presented to us as pizza, that we were not just Business Consultants doing a M&A Due Diligence. That night we decided that we were Road Warriors on a mission! A joking comment to release some of the tension about risks and unpleasant circumstances we had to deal with during our assignments abroad. We kept referring to ourselves as Road Warriors for a couple of years and at one point even our principal invited us to a kickoff meeting with the subject “Assembling the Road Warriors”.

During those early days of my career, our main concern was our physical safety during trips around the globe. Sometimes all it would take to solve an issue and regain control over a hazardous situation was to let some dollar bills change ownership. Keeping calm and at least to the outside look not impressed at all could defuse a potentially dangerous situation. Preparation, common sense, experience and always be on alert were our best defense and when it comes to physical safety, these still are valid.

Just like everyone else, the Road Warrior is nowadays exposed to another risk. An omnipresent tricky risk because it is invisible. It is out there, always. Cybercrime. Identity theft. Credit card fraud. Just like everyone else, the Road Warrior has to deal with these threats on a daily basis. Spicing it up by constantly using the internet in unknown places, checking in and out abroad, having to register everywhere just to be able to get the job done, and paying in places the Road Warrior has never been before and might even never return to. The Road Warrior is by the nature of intensive traveling abroad constantly exposed to Cyber Abuse and Identity Abuse.

The workshop “Cybersecurity for Road Warriors” is about Cyber and Identity Risks, based on 35 years of experience, countermeasure expertize and intense research into Cybercrime, Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud. Practical examples and tips how to protect oneself against the growing threats on a daily basis, for Road Warriors and Couch Warriors.

Workshop languages: English, German or Dutch

The workshop “Cybersecurity for Road Warriors” can be booked by organizations, companies and groups with a minimum of 8 participants. For further information, please use the contact form or simply write an email to info @ johannesdrooghaag . com