Communicating Information – the power of emotionalizing the message!

Presenting information is one thing, but how do we get the message across and how can we make it stick?

Which factors influence how our message is perceived and remembered? In this training program, we take a closer look at how the audience responds to information and communication and how we can influence this by emotionalizing the message.

How this works and how strong the impact is, will be demonstrated by practical examples that will help you understand that what YOU say might not be what YOUR audience hears and most importantly, how YOU can make sure that YOUR audience hears and remembers YOUR message.

Workshop languages: English, German or Dutch

This workshop provides your organization with crucial insights in the importance of viewing communication from the receiving perspective, and how you can influence that. Practical examples will show your team what works, and what doesn’t. This workshop can be booked by organizations, companies and groups with a minimum of 8 participants. For further information, please use the contact form or simply write an email to info @ johannesdrooghaag . com