Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag delivers workshops in the fields of:

  • Cyber Security
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • LEAN and Agile delivery
  • Emotional Competence
  • Operations Management

Based on 35 years of international experience as Executive, Coach, Consultant, Moderator and Guest Speaker, Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag combines own learnings from mistakes and success, with in-depth knowledge and eyeopeners to deliver and moderate exciting workshops for your organization on various topics.

The following specialized workshops are available:

Artificial Intelligence is coming, now what? – The potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence are growing on a daily basis with every new implementation and improvement of AI. On the other hand, companies and organizations face challenges in developing the right strategy to implement AI and overcome concerns. In this workshop, we step away from the hype and analyze practical use cases of Artificial Intelligence.

Blockchain beyond crypto – Blockchain is linked to crypto currencies and that is ok. Blockchain is however much more than that, and offers significant opportunities when implemented to create transparency. In this workshop we will explore how we can benefit from blockchain based on documenting the complex supply chain of car. Distributed Ledger, Encryption, Smart Contracts, all aspects of blockchain and their use cases will become clear without the hypes and tech jargon.

Cyber Security for Road Warriors and Couch Potatoes – an interactive workshop on the risks and challenges of Cyber Crime, Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud. Lessons learned from own experience, intensive research and interviews of victims, and a set of practical tips to prevent and detect abuse. This workshop is intended to generate awareness that each and everyone of us can become a victim, and what we can do to prevent it.

Internet Safety for Smart Kids (and their parents & teachers) – This program is intended for parents and teachers who want to guide and support children with safe internet usage. Safe internet usage will protect the children and others!

Mind over Matter – to benefit from autonomous project delivery methods as LEAN PDCA, Agile & Scrum, Design Thinking, etc., we need to build organizational readiness and the right mindset. In the workshop “Mind over Matter – Emotional Competence in Autonomous Project Execution”, Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag takes your organization on a journey of organizational challenges and solutions from an Emotional Competence perspective.

Willingness Ability Equation – measuring performance in facts and numbers only makes sense when actions are planned to improve, and again the expected improvement is measured in hard facts and numbers. Development plans help us to gain knowledge and skills, and experiences needed to succeed. This workshop provides your organization with crucial insights in the Emotional Competence behind balancing the growth of Willingness (emotion and feeling) with the growth of Ability (intellect and skills), and shares with you the success stories of including Willingness and Ability in Leadership Programs.

Agile PMO / challenges and opportunities – Every manager responsible for projects in an Agile business model, will eventually ask himself/herself this question: “How can I manage Agile projects when the scope and timelines are not fixed?”, and that is a valid question many have asked and some are still searching for the right answers. The first challenge is to manage the expectations for Agile within the organization. There is no room for “deliver this by that deadline” in an Agile business model. Agile is all about rapidly delivering business benefits, and continuously discovering the best way to do so, similar to the Continuous Improvement in LEAN. This workshop provides your organization with crucial insights in the challenges and opportunities of Agile PMO, supported by helpful tools.

Communicating Information – the power of emotionalizing the message – Presenting information is one thing, but how do we get the message across and how can we make it stick? Which factors influence how our message is perceived and remembered? In this training program, we take a closer look at how the audience responds to information and communication and how we can influence this by emotionalizing the message. This workshop provides your organization with crucial insights in the importance of viewing communication from the receiving perspective, and how you can influence that. Practical examples will show your team what works, and what doesn’t.

Other customized workshops can be developed in collaboration with your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact me for topics and suggestions.

Workshop languages: English, German or Dutch

Workshops can be booked by organizations, companies and groups with a minimum of 8 participants. For further information, please use the contact form or simply write an email to info @ johannesdrooghaag . com