Why I do or do not share your posts on Social Media

One of the side effects of being active on Social Media I experience is that I get mentioned and tagged in posts and receive a lot of messages in DM and group chats where people share their content and posts. Every now-and-then, someone asks me why I did not share their posts. Since I am a friend of transparency, I decided to write down some of the (informal) rules I apply to decide if I share a post or not.

  • Advertisement (1): It doesn’t happen a lot but sometimes a company approaches me for services on social media and then decides not to go ahead with my proposal. All fine but please understand that after that I will not share their advertisement and posts about them.
  • Advertisement (2): I don’t mind supporting your advertisement every-now-and-then but don’t overdo it. Contact me for services when you want me to support your campaign 😉
  • Competition: some of my clients do not want me to share posts from or about their competitors during our collaboration. Understandable so don’t be surprised that I follow their requests.
  • Nonsense: some of the posts are just nonsense and I don’t share them. I also stay away from conspiracy theories and from political motivated promotions.
  • Rudeness: manners matter, no comment needed here.
  • Over usage: some of the posts, especially the popular videos, just have been posted too many times already and I won’t share them. I prefer original content and great captions.
  • Quid pro quo: Social Media is also a matter of give and take. When my interaction tracking tool makes me aware that you have a very negative interaction ratio, it means you don’t share my posts and don’t interact with me. Help me understand why I should share your content?

Now that we got that sorted out, here are some things that I will enjoy sharing, liking and commenting.

  • Fun: I love fun posts, keep them coming!
  • Good topics: there are so many topics I am interested in. Cyber security, leadership, digital transformation and much more. There is a very high chance that I will share your content on this.
  • Original content: I respect people who create their own content and I enjoy sharing such posts with my network and interact with it.
  • Dialogue: who doesn’t love a good conversation? I do!