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Why I do or do not share your posts on Social Media (UPDATED)

One of the side effects of being active on Social Media I experience is that I get mentioned and tagged in posts and receive a lot of messages in DM and group chats where people share their content and posts. Every now-and-then, someone asks me why I did not share their posts. Since I am a friend of transparency, I decided to write down some of the (informal) rules I apply to decide if I share a post or not.

  • Advertisement (1): It doesn’t happen a lot but sometimes a company approaches me for services on social media and then decides not to go ahead with my proposal. All fine but please understand that after that I will not share their advertisement and posts about them.
  • Advertisement (2): I don’t mind supporting your advertisement every-now-and-then but don’t overdo it. Contact me for services when you want me to support your campaign 😉
  • Competition: some of my clients do not want me to share posts from or about their competitors during our collaboration. Understandable so don’t be surprised that I follow their requests.
  • Nonsense: some of the posts are just nonsense and I don’t share them. I also stay away from conspiracy theories and from political motivated promotions.
  • Rudeness: manners matter, no comment needed here.
  • Over usage: some of the posts, especially the popular videos, just have been posted too many times already and I won’t share them. I prefer original content and great captions.
  • Quid pro quo: Social Media is also a matter of give and take. When my interaction tracking tool makes me aware that you have a very negative interaction ratio, it means you don’t share my posts and don’t interact with me. Help me understand why I should share your content?

NEW – Since the beginning of 2021 I am using a beta-version AI tool that analyzes my social media profiles and interactions for me. This tool gives a wide range of metrics and valuable information about what goes on. And it also gives me the following insights which might trigger that I will not share some posts:

  • Spam Mentions: The tool identifies mentions as spam once they reach more than 10 mentions per day for a period of 5 consecutive days. This does not automatically mean that I also consider these mentions as spam but I keep it in mind when looking at the next insight.
  • Mention Interaction Ratio: This insight compares the number of mentions in posts to the number of interactions with my posts. When the tool identifies that an account mentions me a lot and that same account does not interact with my posts, this might indicate that the account is just trying to use my network without contributing anything, especially when that account also shows up in the previous insight.
  • Sentiment Evaluation: The part I like the most is the AI based evaluation of sentiments in posts. Maybe not everyone is aware of that but some accounts rank very high in negative sentiments in their posts and replies. When an account shows up in the Negative Sentiment Evaluation multiple times, I will stop sharing these posts or even interact with that. Keep it positive!
  • Tracking Links: Link shortening services are very popular and some platforms even have their own link shortening embedded into every post. Unfortunately, there are also many link shortening services that are created simply to track users, sometimes even through multiple services to collect as much information on individuals as possible. As privacy advocate I will not share posts that include such link shortening services. In this insight my rule is “strike 2, you’re out”.
  • Unwanted Association: Until I started to use this tool I was not aware of unwanted associations on social media and I wish I would have known earlier. This insight shows me the top 25 associations with companies, organizations, causes, and people, based on mentions, tags, etc. on social media. Last month for example, this insight showed 12 out of 25 accounts I am not associated with at all but for one reason or the other, these accounts prefer to create that association. In most cases I will write a friendly message, kindly asking them to stop. When that does not solve the issue, blocking and reporting might help them see the light.

Now that we got that sorted out, here are some things that I will enjoy sharing, liking and commenting.

  • Fun: I love fun posts, keep them coming!
  • Good topics: there are so many topics I am interested in. Cyber security, leadership, digital transformation and much more. There is a very high chance that I will share your content on this.
  • Original content: I respect people who create their own content and I enjoy sharing such posts with my network and interact with it.
  • Dialogue: who doesn’t love a good conversation? I do!
  • Sustainability: honest sustainability, count me in!

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