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Why Customer Experience Is Crucial In The Digital Age

Running a business in 2020 is vastly different from running a business in 2000. In just two decades, the technological advancements that we have seen have been mindblowing. The emergence of cloud storage, user metrics data, search engine optimization, and social media have made creating a money-making venture a more digital process. In the midst of this, many businesses have faltered and have forgotten that the end-user is still a human being. They still need to experience exceptional levels of service while your business deals with all of the technological advancements behind the scenes. So, how can you maintain a great experience for your customers? Read on to find out.


In the digital age, millennials are more likely to get in touch with you or purchase your service or product online. Nowadays, speaking to a fellow human being is not needed to complete a transaction. Many customers will head to your website and buy or enquire from here. It’s crucial that you begin to understand the behavior of your typical customer. How long do they stay on your website? What is your sale conversion rate? How do they find your site? By utilizing a platform like Userzoom, you can gain a deeper understanding of UX metrics. Thorough analysis can help you to improve the customer experience and enhance revenue and profit levels for your business.

Under Promise And Over Deliver

Having a policy of under-promising and over-delivering is vital for any business in a public relations sense. If you know that you can get an item to your client or customer in two days, say that you will have it delivered in three. This way, you appear to have gone the extra mile and your customer is over the moon that they have their item a day early. This can create that warm feeling that you need to generate within your client. This will encourage them to leave positive feedback online. These reviews are paramount to ensuring more potential customers check out what you are about. One or two negative reviews will break your business, so ensure that you put customer service at the center of your business decision making.

Market Research

It’s important to listen to your established customer base. By carrying out market research, you can get into the minds of your clientele and find out what it is that makes them tick. Show them new products and detail new services as part of a focus group. Heed their feedback and act upon it. If a price point is too steep, address this. If you aren’t solving a problem, go back to the drawing board. Listening to your customer shows respect. This will then disperse throughout the customer service experience that you provide, from the initial contact via a Twitter post all the way to delivering a product or service to the end-user.

Follow this guide and ensure that you put the customer at the center of everything that you do as a business. Doing this will soon see your startup reaping the rewards.