NTT Cybersecurity Talks with Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Who wants to be a winner has to understand Cyber Security!

Host and moderator:
Kai Grunwitz – NTT Security
Hans-Wilhelm Dünn – Präsident des Cyber-Sicherheitsrat Deutschland e.V

Kai Grunwitz: I agree with your statement on that side, but you see everyone in the market is saying okay we will have a beautiful future. We speak about the modern society and because of you we are not moving fast enough. Because security is always in a negative press. If something happens we talk about security, if nothing happens no one talks about security. Is that maybe also a reason why we do that?

Hans-Wilhelm Dünn: I think we have to show that it is an advantage, yes. If you are a CEO you have only one interest. Normally you would say “hey we have no problems with IT yes and we have no accident, we have no hacking attack, we have no data leak”, but I think you have to say “hey if you want to be a player in the next five years, if you want to generate an own digital transformation, the future view for your company” then is cyber security your enabler for that and it helps you to make money, yes. And I think that is very important because we have a lot of scenarios, blackouts and so on, and I think you have to say “hey if you want to be a winner in the future then you have to understand cyber security”.

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