NTT Cybersecurity Talks with Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

When we do not have cyber security by design, we must retrofit it and that is seen as blockade

Host and moderator: Kai Grunwitz – NTT Security

Panelists: Johannes Drooghaag Founder and CEO of Spearhead Management

What I believe is that security is seen as a blockade because we have failed to build security from the beginning in to everything, we do so we have to retrofit it. And then suddenly things that were possible before are no longer possible, and that leads to people thinking it’s blocking them. But in reality it’s protecting them, it’s saving them. If we have a power outage, we all suffer from that and much more than we now can realize. It’s not about the lights, it’s about life support systems, everything. And a failure in the cybersecurity can cause exactly that. The power outage, and a power outage which takes days or weeks when it really hits the fan, and that’s the way we need to change the thinking. It’s not blocking it’s protecting.

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