Wedo - Unique Early Investment Opportunity

Wedo – Exclusive Early Investment Opportunity

My international career of 3+ decades has always evolved around enabling people and creating value. It started with enabling people to create value by building better software, and it includes enabling people to build better machines, improve processes, and it gave me the immense privilege to work with brilliant and inspiring people across the world. Different industries, different roles, different responsibilities. It was always about enabling people to create value.

At the beginning of 2022 I interviewed another inspiring individual, who shares the same drive but from an entirely different perspective. It was during this interview about the future of work with Indiana (Indy) Gregg, Founder and CEO of Wedo – the all-in-one payments & business tool for online entrepreneurs, that I realized that I have found a place where I could combine my drive and passion for enabling people with solving the challenges that freelancers like myself and so many other are facing. It didn’t take long for us to figure out how that could be done, and I am proud to be CISO & DPO for this incredible organization. This time it is all about people!

Since I joined this amazing team, I have been part of an incredible pace and progress to get the right things done the right way. A brilliant Go-To-Market strategy, a rich Product that is ready to be launched this year, and a team with a Vision that is on a Mission! Allow me to introduce you to the executive team of Wedo:

💫 David Jaques – Chairman Board of Directors

💫 Indiana Gregg – Founder / Chief Executive Office

💫 Jamie Fraser – General Counsel

💫 Kevin Steel – Chief Financial Officer

💫 Anand Singh – Chief Technology Officer

💫 Kirsten Granzow – Chief Marketing Officer

💫 Katherine Marx – Head of Fintech

💫 Pattie Howard – Chief Diversity Officer

💫 Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag – Chief Information Security Officer & DPO


➡️ To make independent work viable and efficient for everyone

➡️ Wedo will empower the rapidly growing independent economy, helping people help more people. 

➡️ Wedo will become the all-in-one community and neo-banking platform that redefines work.

➡️ 52% of the global workforce will be freelance by 2027. Current platforms take fees of 20% on the money freelancers make.

➡️ Solopreneurs, freelancers and small businesses spend an average of 52 days per year creating and chasing invoices.

➡️ Piecing together multiple apps is a pain, but also requires tech skills to bring it all together.  Wedo is seamless & easy.

➡️ Collaborate with teams, follow and participate in trending conversations, build your business networks both internally and externally!

💫 Early Investment Opportunity 💫

Wedo opened an exclusive Early Investment Opportunity for individuals and organization that want to be part to enabling the future of work through technology.

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