TRAINING: Strategic Business Development - Building strategic bridges between challenges and opportunities

TRAINING: Strategic Business Development – Building strategic bridges between challenges and opportunities

In most organizations the perception of Strategic Business Development is mainly Sales focused. Although mid-term and long-term sales strategies are part of the Strategic Business Development responsibilities, it is just one of the four domains in which Strategic Business Development enables organic organizational growth.

Predominantly, Strategic Business Development enables organizations to grow in alignment with capabilities, obligations and strategic objectives. Strategic Business Development means having a navigation system within the organization that will enable achieving the objectives (destination of your journey) while responding to and managing the required progress of the organization (events during your journey).

Business Development is mainly the process of building lasting business relationships based on common understanding of challenges and opportunities. Being the one your potential customer will call in the future is significantly more important than being the one who calls your potential customer. Building the necessary relationships to become ‘the one they call’ when demand and budget are clear is a process that requires crystal clear long-term commitment that can not be achieved by short-term sales objectives. Being on the radar screen and having the ear of decisionmakers takes competence and trust.

Objectives and Outcome:

This training module will develop the right mindset and skillset to enable long-term strategic organizational growth through strategic business development.

Important note: this is not a sales training!

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About Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag, commonly known as JD, started his career in Applied Information Technology and quickly realized that the development and complexity of technology outpaces the development of our understanding of technology.

Working based on the principal that we don’t have to understand the bits and bytes to use technology, but we must understand how to use it optimal and secure, Johannes developed a wide range of consulting services, training programs, keynotes and workshops to allow people and organizations to do just that: embrace technology in the optimal and secure way. The Human Element in Cyber Security, The Human Element in Agile and Cyber Security for Road Warriors (and Couch Potatoes) are examples of these programs.

Working as consultant, trainer and speaker with clients and partners around the globe, the mission is crystal clear. Bridge the gap between what we do and what we know.

I am JD. I love what I do, and so will you!

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