TRAINING: Social Engineering -A journey through the Human Operating System and how cybercriminals abuse it

TRAINING: Social Engineering – A journey through the Human Operating System and how cybercriminals abuse it

The “Human Operating System” does not have a user manual and yet cybercriminals know exactly how to abuse the way we think and react. What they use is a combination of pace, manipulation of thoughts and reactions, and install a sense of trust where there should none. Social Engineering combines not only technical and social skills to achieve their malicious goals. It also places its victims inside a carefully crafted script that allows the malicious actors to predict every step of their victims.

Being able to become resilient against Social Engineering requires being able to recognize social engineering, and the ability to break the scripts cybercriminals use to lure in their victims. That might sound like common sense, but the lack of understanding of how Social Engineering uses emotions and misplaced trust make crystal clear that resilience against Social Engineering requires a lot more than just common sense. In fact, those who believe that common sense is the answer are among the easiest victims of Social Engineering.

Organizational resilience against Social Engineering requires the right combination of actions and reactions, especially when an ongoing Social Engineering attempt is suspected. Most organizations fail already at the communication and escalation level.

Objectives and Outcome:

This training will make the participants aware of the risks of Social Engineering and will enable them to recognize the patterns based on practical examples.

Participants will be able to build their resilience by controlled exposure with this training and learn the required understanding of how to respond when a Social Engineering attempt is suspected. Optionally, this training can be combined with controlled Social Engineering tests and exercises by a team of renowned cybersecurity experts under the leadership of Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag.

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About Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag, commonly known as JD, started his career in Applied Information Technology and quickly realized that the development and complexity of technology outpaces the development of our understanding of technology.

Working based on the principal that we don’t have to understand the bits and bytes to use technology, but we must understand how to use it optimal and secure, Johannes developed a wide range of consulting services, training programs, keynotes and workshops to allow people and organizations to do just that: embrace technology in the optimal and secure way. The Human Element in Cyber Security, The Human Element in Agile and Cyber Security for Road Warriors (and Couch Potatoes) are examples of these programs.

Working as consultant, trainer and speaker with clients and partners around the globe, the mission is crystal clear. Bridge the gap between what we do and what we know.

I am JD. I love what I do, and so will you!

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