Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Digital Transformation Beyond IT – Unleash the full potential of Digital Transformation

The IT Departments and Service Providers appear to be in the driver’s seat for Digital Transformation but in reality, that is only the technical realization part of Digital Transformation. The real driver behind Digital Transformation is the entire organization and the willingness to rethink every established process.

Digital Transformation requires the courage, mindset and skillset to review and optimize processes and services from the customer’s perspective. It also encourages Agile Principles of change and value creation, which will lead to higher and faster value creating but less conventional control of pace and progress.

Digital Transformation can only lead to sustainable improvements when the transition is carried by the entire organization, and that starts with leadership. The high pace of change in Digital Transformation and the Agile Principles require a very high involvement of all business departments, that goes far beyond the annual budget and project reviews.

Without that involvement and commitment, these organizations will have to face the risk that technology decisions and implementations are not driven by operational requirements and capabilities. In other words, the IT departments and technology service providers can not and should not do this alone.

Objectives and Outcome:

This leadership training is intended for companies and organizations that want to ensure that their management team starts on the same page and drives Digital Transformation together.

Important note: this is not a technical training, and this training does not require technical understanding of IT and digital technology!

With 30 years hands-on experience as Executive, Coach and Consultant, Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag delivers courses that focus on the Human Element in our connected and digital driven Business World.

Customers of Training and Education modules by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag include multinational corporations and small & medium enterprises. Even startups enjoy learning before failing.

Each 2-hours course module is delivered conveniently by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag through video conference. These courses are an exclusive B2B offering and can only be booked for by companies and organizations.

Included in each course module are a digital set of training materials and personalized certificate of completion for each participant.

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