TRAINING: Cyber Resilience - Drawing the line against cyberthreats by developing Cyber Resilience

TRAINING: Cyber Resilience – Drawing the line against cyberthreats by developing Cyber Resilience

Cyberthreats are all around us and we have to learn to deal with them in our daily personal and professional lives. Protecting ourselves, our families, the organizations we work for, our customers and clients, requires significantly more than relying on technical means like antivirus software.

When we purchase a car with security features, we still are responsible for driving safe and following the rules. We would not conclude that the safety features of our car would allow us to ignore all other precautions and regulations, and we even have to obtain a driver’s license before we are allowed to drive a car.

Although we all operate cyber technology on a daily basis, and the impact of cyberattacks can have devastating impact on our own lives and that of others, there is no mandatory “cyber driver’s license” and too many still believe that there are or should be some safety features that dismisses their own cyber responsibility.

Objectives and Outcome:

This training will show the participants the importance of cyber resilience and the responsibilities of every individual in our rapidly growing connected society. With practical examples and a journey through recent cyberthreats, the participants learn to understand the role they play in cyber hygiene and cyber resilience. For themselves, their families, their employers, and their customers. After completing this training, the participants understand the very fine line between trust and misplaced trust, and how they should respond to potential threats. Being able to recognize threats and respond in the right way is at least as important as avoiding unnecessary exposure to cyberthreats!

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About Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag, commonly known as JD, started his career in Applied Information Technology and quickly realized that the development and complexity of technology outpaces the development of our understanding of technology.

Working based on the principal that we don’t have to understand the bits and bytes to use technology, but we must understand how to use it optimal and secure, Johannes developed a wide range of consulting services, training programs, keynotes and workshops to allow people and organizations to do just that: embrace technology in the optimal and secure way. The Human Element in Cyber Security, The Human Element in Agile and Cyber Security for Road Warriors (and Couch Potatoes) are examples of these programs.

Working as consultant, trainer and speaker with clients and partners around the globe, the mission is crystal clear. Bridge the gap between what we do and what we know.

I am JD. I love what I do, and so will you!

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