Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

A major challenge when transitioning from the classical controlled project execution models to autonomous project execution like Agile, LEAN PDCA or Design Thinking, is to develop and maintain the proper mindset towards boundaries. The strength of these autonomous methods is the ability to provide rapid go-to-market results combined with continuous improvements based on findings and facts. The challenge during exploring the best business benefits is to objectively identify the real must-have and nice-to-have features and options, especially when the organization is undergoing the transition towards an agile business model.

In the classical controlled delivery and execution models, requirements are given and the main objective is to fulfill these requirements. Managing such project is mainly focused on timelines, budgets and delivery. The road towards completion might change slightly but the requirements are rigid. In an autonomous agile business model, the team is not working against rigid requirements and needs to explore the path towards optimal business benefits. This does however not mean that there are no boundaries to respect and explore.

This course is intended for companies and organizations which have implement Agile and Design Thinking teams and processes or intend to start with it.

Autonomous Project Delivery is available in 3 levels: Starter, Intermediate and Expert.

With 30 years hands-on experience as Executive, Coach and Consultant, Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag delivers courses that focus on the Human Element in our connected and digital driven Business World.

Customers of Training and Education modules by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag include multinational corporations and small & medium enterprises. Even startups enjoy learning before failing.

Each 2-hours course module is delivered conveniently by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag through video conference. These courses are an exclusive B2B offering and can only be booked for by companies and organizations.

Included in each course module are a digital set of training materials and personalized certificate of completion for each participant.

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