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Actionable keynotes on cybersecurity, agile business management, and the Human Element in our connected society

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag
Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

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Eye-opening and thought-provoking

In his keynotes, Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag addresses issues that impact our businesses and lives in a society that become more connected every day.

Cybersecurity as a Service? Rather Cybersecurity as an Attitude! How Agile is your organization when your minds are not aligned and is Agile always the right solution? The main focus of Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag in his work is on The Human Element, and that is also a core element in his keynotes.

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Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Available Keynotes

Back to the Future Cyber Security

Back to the Future Cyber Security addresses all organizational challenges and delivers a clear roadmap to embrace the existing global manufacturing capacity and infrastructure in our Cyber Security stance. With the right priority, resources and budgets!

Cloud beyond Technology

Pragmatic Business Perspective of Cloud and Digital Transformation. This keynote sets the record straight and offers pragmatic insights in the business perspectives of cloud technology and digital transformation. The potential benefits of digital transformation with cloud technology are real but only when done right.

Cyber Security for Road Warriors
(and Couch Potatoes)

Cyber Security starts and ends with our behavior! Just like when we drive a car with all the latest greatest safety features available, and immense engineering efforts to build the safest car mankind can create, we are still responsible for driving in a safe way and follow the rules.

The Human Element in Agile

A journey through the mindsets of Agile Teams and the influence of personal preferences. This keynote clearly demonstrates our bias driven by our own personal preferences and how we can work on developing a mindset which makes us less sensitive to our own desires when deciding what is best for our customers.

The Human Element in Customer Care

A journey through the mindsets of Customers and the Customer’s perception of Customer Care. We have conditioned ourselves on our services and systems, and in the process lost the connection to the perception of our customers. This keynote encourages organizations to realign with the emotional perception of Customer Care from the Customer’s perspective.

The Human Element in Cybersecurity

A journey through the impact of people on Cyber Security in our connected Society. Flaws in configuration and management of technology are responsible for 80% of the cyber-incidents, and make organizations and individuals an easy target for cyber criminals. The Human Element in Cyber Security requires significantly more attention than it gets today.

Unsupervised updates in Manufacturing

An action plan to enable unsupervised updates and distribution of software in manufacturing facilities. This keynotes offers insights in the roadmap towards responsible and reliable unsupervised updates, and the means to eliminate the resource demanding manual supervised update processes.

ZERO-Trust is not the new firewall

An eye-opening keynote that sets the record straight on what ZERO-Trust is and what it isn't. And it definitely is not the new firewall behind which most organizations still falsely assume safety and security.

Did you see the cow?

Question your own perception of what is true or false with pragmatic demonstrations of how our emotions influence how we respond. Influencing predictable emotions is an important tool for cybercriminals, but is also a key instrument in marketing and branding. Come see the cow, your audience will appreciate it!

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag


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