I was once the victim of cybercrime and that still makes me angry. Not just because of the problems it has caused. Mostly because I am an IT-expert and it is embarrassing that it happened to me. I got hacked!

From that moment on, I realized that Cyber Security is much more about mindset than it is about technology and security policies. I started to do workshops and seminars on Cyber Security with the theme “It happened to me and I’m an expert. It can happen to you, too!” and I have learned that most of us have the same problem that I had: feeling safe when in reality we are not.

This traumatic journey from expert to victim to activist has taught me much more about transformation than any of the books and experts could have taught me. This year I decided to bring all my practical transformation expertise together into a business model, Spearhead Management and I am fully focused on launching this right now. Spearhead Management is all about creating transformation by enabling organizations to reinvent themselves and creating the mindset to break down the walls of conventional thinking and processes. Blockchain is an instrument to create such transformations, to reinvent instantly what has been established over decades. Cryptocurrencies are the first establishment of transformation through blockchain, disrupting established financial processes by breaking down the walls. Spearheading!

Stepping away from the hype, there is an enormous potential for blockchain and it is important that we move forward with the right mix of adventure and realism. We need R&D and education to deploy the potential of blockchain. The Crypto Roadshow is about innovation and education, and that is why I decided to join the team.

Key points in my Cyber Security work are the importance of endpoint-security and risk-awareness. No matter how secured the technology might be, or might be said to be, the weakest links are unprotected endpoints and the problem which sits between the keyboard and the chair: YOU! Blockchain will not help you when your device is controlled by hackers. When the hackers play their cards smart, blockchain technology will actually work against you.

During The Crypto Roadshow I will take a deep-dive into endpoint security and becoming aware that the value of cryptocurrencies and blockchain platform attracts massive cybercrime. As grand finale of my contribution, there will be an exclusive analyzes of a newly discovered toolkit to attack crypto wallets. Confirmed and up for sale!

Read all about The Crypto Roadshow and book your tickets for a great educational event on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain!

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