Werdich und Partners

The World Keeps Changing continuously. Long-term entrepreneurial success implies to, not only, respond to change but, even more, adopting to it early by actively shaping change. This requires the necessity for continuous transformation. Amongst the major sorts of change of today’s world are: Digitalization Crisis Politics Also recurring occasions demand transformation such as Company Succession External Growth …

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Why YP2G? There is a global problem that needs fixing. Young people gain some of these skills and academic qualifications from the education system, however many employability skills are not taught or developed. You may have had years of training doing Maths but how many of you have had lessons every week on Communication, Teamwork, …


MEC Mental Energy Coaching

Unser Unternehmen ist seit Anfang der 80er Jahre bundesweit tätig. Wir arbeiten als eigenständiges Netzwerkteil mit diversen Unternehmensberatern zusammen. MEC hat sich in der Industrie als Schnittstelle zwischen Technik und Mensch spezialisiert. Zum bisherigen Verständnis von Job-Kompetenz gehörten vorrangig Fachwissen und körperliche Fitness. Dass die emotionale Stabilität in der modernen Industriegesellschaft eine ebenso wichtige Rolle …

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House of Stories

NON-PROFIT MOTIVATIONAL PROJECT Thousands of children and adolescents with an uncertain future live in orphanages, social centers and hospitals. Many organizations donate money to help them, and try to teach them everything they need in life. But it does not work. Children do not accept knowledge and do not believe in themselves. 90% of adolescents caught in a …

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