Back to the Future Cyber Security, a Manifesto

With the introduction of Industry 4.0 by the German Government and the designated workgroup, a roadmap was created to introduce Artificial Intelligence, Smart Controls, Smart Automation and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in combination with Big Data into the manufacturing industries in Germany and beyond. When Siemens AG introduced the Charter of Trust during the 2018 Munich Security Conference,

Showing our accomplishments in #CyberSecurity will help us being seen as a business enabler!

Host and moderator: Kai Grunwitz – NTT Security Panelists: Johannes Drooghaag Founder and CEO of Spearhead Management And we have to look at the reality in the benchmarks. If you look at OEE as manufacturing standard, and you say 99 percent uptime, 99 % OOE, you’re the master of your industry. We are beaten

We need to show the Cyber Risks and the real value of Cyber Security!

Kai Grunwitz – NTT Security Christian Koch – NTT Security I think that the security is in prohibitor for the innovation, that’s a typical statement that we get from many people because they do not really have security awareness, and it’s important that we show all the people what does security really mean for their


Single piece flow in a multi-step machining cell leads to batches to avoid changeovers. Not anymore! The industrial automation startup FLEX-FLOW-CELL GmbH, specialized in automotive manufacturing equipment, took the entire process apart, created new controls, sensors and Artificial Intelligence, and the result is a multi-step single piece flow with autonomous in process change over. Currently being

Embracing the Charter of Trust

The Charter of Trust, an initiative of Siemens AG, was introduced during the 2018 Munich Security Conference and offers baseline standards for Cyber Security. The Charter of Trust recognizes that the digitalization of our society, factories and infrastructure must evolve hand in hand with Cyber Security. As the network of partners committing to the Charter

Back to the Future Cyber Security – Chapter 5, Episode 2: Access denied

Thumbs up when Cyber Security is done the right way! When Cyber Security is done the right way, we see a combination of a team taking their responsibilities serious, and a team which is using technology as part of the solution and not as goal. That is the only way to do the right things

Back to the Future Cyber Security – Chapter 5, Episode 1: PS phone home

There are plenty examples of where Cyber Security failed and how expensive that could be. It is good that we point out these problems, especially when they could have been prevented. And there is another reason to expose Cyber Security issues and hacks. As a recent poll among Twitter users shows, trust in organizations and

Back to the Future Cyber Security – Chapter 4, Episode 3: Expensive Ransomware

*WARNING* These are real incidents from the field and could scare you. A lot! *WARNING* The plant was still looking new after 3 years of operations, nothing like its sister plant which had a history of 25 years and was still going strong. New equipment, new technology and lights everywhere. Just this bright environment with

Back to the Future Cyber Security – Chapter 4, Episode 2: When unauthorized access and unqualified people team up to cause havoc

*WARNING* These are real incidents from the field and could scare you. A lot! *WARNING* Liquid aluminium has 3 very dangerous characteristics. It is extremely hot, aggressive to most materials including other metals and responds explosive when in contact with water. Three reasons to be extremely careful when handling liquid aluminum. Safety precautions are important,

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