Encourage that interest around the passion that a young person’s got – Neville Gaunt

  Neville Gaunt explains why it is important Encourage that interest around the passion that a young person’s got! Interview with Neville Gaunt, Founder of Your Passport to Grow (YP2Grow) on PTV Home with Breakfast at Home host Tauseeq Haider on Behavioral Waste, Mind Fit, Can do and what YP2Grow is all about! Watch the

MEC Mental Energy Coaching

Unser Unternehmen ist seit Anfang der 80er Jahre bundesweit tätig. Wir arbeiten als eigenständiges Netzwerkteil mit diversen Unternehmensberatern zusammen. MEC hat sich in der Industrie als Schnittstelle zwischen Technik und Mensch spezialisiert. Zum bisherigen Verständnis von Job-Kompetenz gehörten vorrangig Fachwissen und körperliche Fitness. Dass die emotionale Stabilität in der modernen Industriegesellschaft eine ebenso wichtige Rolle

Mind over Matter – The challenges of Leading the transition in LEAN, Agile, Design Thinking

A recent survey of 28 executives and leading managers shows that many organizations which have set out to benefit from the autonomous delivery and execution methods, like LEAN CI/PDCA, Agile and Design Thinking, are still struggling with creating the proper environment and culture, especially in the area of empowerment, but also in true implementation and

Mind over Matter – the emotional competence of transition towards agile business models and autonomous implementation

A major challenge when transitioning from the classical controlled project execution models to autonomous project execution like Agile, LEAN PDCA or Design Thinking, is to develop and maintain the proper mindset towards boundaries. The strength of these autonomous methods is the ability to provide rapid go-to-market results combined with continuous improvements based on findings and

Autonomous Project Execution – Develop the culture to deliver

Companies large and small have discovered the benefits of autonomous project execution in combination with short go-to-market cycles as seen in Design Thinking, Scrum & Agile and the LEAN continuous improvement concept of PDCA. Dynamic teams of experts and developers are assigned objectives and within the scope of the project, they will explore and deliver

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