Amplification-as-a-Service - quality content and competence for your online campaign.

Convergence of Business Development and Social Media

There is a very simple and honest reason why I got involved in B2B Social Media Marketing. The demand for a Social Media Strategy in my Business Development projects continues to rise, and the quality offered by service providers and influencers doesn’t match the needs of my clients. My clients seek a combination of amplification and competence, and that is what I offer.

Qualified Amplification is the new Influence

Social Media can be a fantastic strategic instrument for B2B Marketing Strategies and Business Development. What decision makers are looking for is genuine content and authentic engagement. Discussions, conversation, dialogues. Understanding of the topic have a much higher impact on the amplification of a message than the amount of followers or likes on a post will ever have. My Social Media services are build around my competence in Cyber Security, Sustainability, Leadership and Human Potential, and the needs of my clients.

Long-term Success Depends on the Right Partner

In close cooperation with my clients, I develop forward-looking solutions that achieve sustainable results.  This is what my broad range of experience stands for.  I provide 30+ years experience in IT related services on many different sides of the table – as buyer, as seller, as strategists and as executive decision maker.  My industry experience includes Fintech, Manufacturing and IT/TelCo.

I take responsibility for measurable results – because I play to win!

Social Media Strategy – Developing the Social Media B2B Marketing strategy that works for you. Bringing your products and services to the right audience.

Campaigns – Social Media B2B Marketing campaigns across all platforms. With a fast growing network of executives and decision makers, I offer various options to reach out to an interactive audience and bring your message to where it matters most. Influencer? No thanks, I spread a message to people who want to be in-the-know.

Event Coverage – Customized event coverage, tailored for your needs and market.

Panelist – Available as panelist on a wide range of topics, including Cyber Security, Privacy, Leadership, Innovation, IoT, Blockchain, Sustainability, and more.

Ambassadorship – I’m a renowned networker both at events and on social media, and am honored to have a high quality network of contacts and engaged followers in my community. As Company or Product Ambassador, I will represent you with engaging conversation and interactions.

Vlogging and Blogging – Vlogs and blogs which are recognized as Top 10 Voice in technical blogging, customized for your market and products.

Got a Minute? – Fast 60 seconds infotainment channel with advertisement options for clients, products and services which match the platform.

Amplification-as-a-Service - quality content and competence for your online campaign.