Second Open Letter to Mr. Satya Nadella of Microsoft

Second Open Letter to Mr. Satya Nadella

Dear Mr. Satya Nadella,

As advocate for Customer Service and Customer Experience from the Customer’s Perspective, I would like to take this opportunity to follow up to the Open Letter I wrote you about the flaws in the Microsoft Customer Support organization. Within days after publishing this Open Letter I was contacted by a highly dedicated and qualified Support and Escalation Engineer.

His first commitment to me was that he will investigate the reported issues based on the information I had provided, and he did. Already on the next day he requested a service call so we could start working on the solutions he had found and would want to test with me. Brief and to the point email exchanges, and a high-quality service call later, we could both confirm that the technical issues he identified were causing the problems, and that the solutions he identified solved these issues.

I will not consume your valuable time with details about installing legacy modules and setting parameters with powershell, but I do want to express my personal and professional appreciation for the dedication and perseverance of Support Escalation Engineer Mr. Rajan Yedla and Partner Technical Advisor Mr. Nabil Baghdadi who demonstrated true Customer Focus by picking up the ball and not dropping it. I am told by many partners in my network that you are a people-person and I trust you will appreciate that the right people in your organization can and do make the difference.

What remains the question to be answered is why did this have to take almost 4 months? And how is it possible that the service providers who are responsible for the first level(s) Customer Support, or Customer Care as I prefer to call it, are able to drag their feet without alarms going off within the organization?

It is not just that I wonder why I have to publish an Open Letter to the CEO of one of the largest multi-national corporations before I get the service and support I should have gotten from the beginning. It is also that out of the 150,000+ readers of this Open Letter, several thousands have already shared similar experiences with your Customer Support Organization. For me, this makes it clear that this was not an isolated incident. I sincerely hope that this makes you aware that there is significant and urgent need for improvements.

The most important lesson I give to the organizations I work with is this. The Customer is not interested in the scorecards about customer service, the Customer is interested in getting customer service. As expressed to several members of your organization in the past few days, I invite you and any member of your organization to join my 30-minute virtual keynote “The Human Element in Customer Service”. Since your platform now works for me, I will of course host this event in Teams!

I am looking forward to continuing to collaborate with your organization to improve Customer Care and at the same make a learning experience out of this negative experience and continue our more than 20 years constructive collaboration.

With kind regards,

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag