Second Open Letter to Formula 1 - CEO Stefano Domenicali - London, we have a problem!

Second Open Letter to Formula 1 – CEO Stefano Domenicali – London, we have a problem!

Dear Mr. Domenicali,

Congratulations on one of the most thrilling seasons in Formula 1 History!

As a fan of the sports, I of course follow all events and developments, and it has been a long time since the Championship has been so exciting. Since I use social media very regularly it should be no surprise that I also share my thoughts and opinions about F1 there. Or to be more precious, I did until your service provider Opsec Security decided to issue a malicious and false copyright infringement claim against my account with far reaching consequences and damages resulting from that action.

I was so surprised by this action that my first thought was that this must have been a very unfortunate mistake. But after reaching out to your service provider and your organization with the kind request to undo this unfortunate mistake, I received no valid response whatsoever and no actions were taken by either one.

This made me curious about the way your service provider issues these claims of copyright infringement, and if the false and malicious claim towards me was an isolated incident or not. The claim made about my account was accompanied by 21 other claims of copyright infringements, so I validated these. Out of 22 claims in total in this single instance, no less than 5 have been retracted. This means an error ratio of 22.7%! The remaining 17 claims which were upheld do not automatically mean that these were correct. It could also mean that the account owners did not bother to go through the very time consuming and cumbersome process of demanding the retraction of the claims made by your service provider on your behalf.

When I say time consuming and cumbersome, that is in fact a rather friendly description of the process someone has to go through to get the false and malicious claims by your service provider Opsec Security retracted. The platform has to be informed that the account owner objects to the false claim, and that is just the beginning. Your service provider has to be informed through a very untransparent process in which the account owner is expected to provide evidence, even though your service provider already has all relevant data which clearly shows that their malicious copyright infringement claims are false and should have never been issued if there would have been even the slightest form of quality control in place.

After issuing the First Open Letter about this matter, dozens of victims of such malicious claims by your service provider made on your behalf have reached out to me and with that, also provided the details of these false claims by Opsec Security. As it turns out, the error ratio of 22.7% is not an exception, and in several cases the failure quota is even higher!

Your service provider obviously does not care about quality and the negative impact that has on your organization and the community of fans. Sad enough as it is that you use such a service provider, things only get worse once the victim of the malicious claims made by your service provider on your behalf tries to reach out to your organization in an effort to get things sorted out and corrected. Your organization either does not respond at all, or plays a very silly game of “organizational silos”, or sends out messages like “thank you for your feedback” and “unless we hear from you, we will close this case” after not responding for a long time.

These malicious actions by your service provider Opsec Security on your behalf and with your mandate have caused significant damages for which I seek full compensation. Since I have been attempting to have this resolved since the malicious actions by your service provider on October 14th, 2021, I herewith inform you that this the last time that I grant you time to propose an appropriate compensation for the damages caused on your behalf!

I am convinced that your organization at least has a somewhat working customer relationship management system so I will not consume more of your time by providing all the details of the communication with your organization in this matter.

With kind regards,

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

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