NTT Cybersecurity Talks with Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Regulations and transparency is needed to ensure cyber security by design

Hans-Wilhelm Dünn, President of Cyber Security Council Germany
I think we have only one chance, that we can generate it together with regulation and certification. Because it’s normal, if I buy a aircraft I want a safe landing, a happy landing, yes. And I think we need the same in the field of security by design. We need new rules and we have to open the box, that we say ok if I buy soft or hardware, then I want to watch in. That is very complicated, I know that’s not easy, but if you look in our systems, it’s at the moment not possible to understand and control our own systems, yes. And when I go to the German Telekom, for example with the main supplier of Huawei, then I would say we need new possibilities to open the box and to say ok if you design something please make it secure.

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CyberSecurityTalks – Part 1