Deliver secure updates to your IoT Fleet!

The Internet of Things comes with an obligation to keep devices updated through their entire lifecycle. That is not just an obligations towards the customers. Within the EU, it is an obligation under the Cyber Security Act.

As seasoned Executive and Consultant in the fields of Industrial Automation, Information Technology and Cyber Security, I experienced the challenges of industrial and manufacturing solutions hands on. As solution provider and as customer, as buyer and as seller, and as the operations manager responsible to run the shop. From this experience at all sides of the table, I understand the challenges and requirements to deliver safe and secure updates to devices in production.

That is why I decided to work with mender as solid and reliable partner to enable secure and safe (Industrial) Internet of Things device updates. The OTA technology from mender is reliable and can be fully customized to your needs. Let us have a chat and see how mender can enable your IoT fleet with secure updates.