Operations Management: Leading your team by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Operations Management: Leading your team

When leading Operations as Manager or Director, you will see yourself confronted with expectations for performance and results which are not achieved in the current setting. On the floor, where your team does their work, these expectations might seem far fetched but during the managerial reviews, you fully commit to fulfilling these expectations. You believe in your team and yourself. You can do this and are proud of it!

In your pride you will find your starting point to transfer the expectations to your team. Your pride is part of your passion. Passion for what you do, passion for what your team does. With your passion, you can motivate your team to accept these expectations as fair objectives. When your team is willing and able to accept objectives through you, your team will take charge of getting the job done.

Divide achieving these expectations in to understandable steps, show your believe in the ability of your team to achieve these steps and most important: recognize the progress as you move forward. Communicate what needs to be done at different levels as if you are listening to yourself from the role the person or group has you are communicating with. Communicate what has been achieved. Communicate where things wend wrong and show the strength to say “nice try, let’s give it another go and make it happen!”.

With your passion and pride, your team will get energized and motivated. When you take the right approach in dividing the higher expectations in to achievable steps, you will guide your team forward. Closing the gap between now and goal, you will lead your team forward. With passion and pride!

One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.