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Online Education by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Business Education beyond technology - designed to bring out the best in professionals.

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag
Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Online Business Education

Business Education beyond technology

Our highly connected society and rapidly changing business environment offer us many opportunities and challenges. What is great today might be not enough tomorrow and we need to be able to adjust quickly without losing sight of our strategic objectives.

All this, in addition to our obligations in security, privacy and continuity, requires the right mix of skillset and mindset that goes beyond the hard-skills surrounding technology. Unleash the Human Potential with Online Business Education by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag.

Unleash the Human Potential

Human Centric Training modules are available for Cyber Security and Business Management. Each training module provides actionable insights and understanding, without the need for technical expertise or prior experience.

All training modules are delivered by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag in person through a 2-hour video conference and can be delivered in English, German and Dutch, and include:

  • a digital set of the training materials,
  • a checklist for follow-up actions, and
  • a personalized digital Certificate of Completion for each registered participant.
Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag


Social Engineering

A journey through the “Human Operating System” and how cybercriminals abuse it.

Cybersecurity for Road Warriors

A pragmatic training for frequent (business) travelers, remote and home office workers.

Back to the Future Cyber Security

Cybersecurity for Manufacturing,
Industry, and Infrastructure.

Cyber Crisis Management

Facing the Perfect Storm of a
cyber-incident beyond IT.

Cyber Resilience

Drawing the line against cyberthreats by developing Cyber Resilience.

Cyber Security for the rest of us

A pragmatic non-technical cybersecurity training for everyone outside IT.

Leadership and Cyber Security

Accepting the shared responsibility for cybersecurity as leadership.

Small Business Cyber Security

Securing your business without Enterprise Budgets and resources.

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Cyber Manufacturing

Cloud & IoT in Manufacturing

Embrace the potential of Cloud and IoT without exposing your organization to risks.

Digital Transformation Manufacturing

Unleash the full potential of Digital Transformation in production processes.

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Business Management

Agile Business Management

Move fast, when you can, but always keep the big picture in mind.

RED TEAM Business Management

Winning by thinking like the
Enemy with Critical Thinking

Critical Service Analyses

Manage Cyber-risks by properly identifying impact and mitigation

Strategic Business Development

Building strategic bridges between challenges and opportunities

PMO and Agile Delivery

Managing autonomous Projects in dynamically changing markets.

Autonomous Project Delivery

Cultivating the culture for autonomous value delivery beyond Agile.

Digital Inclusion

Creating a digital experience for all of us,
not just for some of us!

Digital Transformation Beyond IT

Unleash the full potential of Digital Transformation beyond Technology

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag


Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag


Online Business Education by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag


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