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Mission Statement 2020

I have a long-standing tradition that every year in the month of March I set myself a personal goal for the rest of the year. A personal mission so to speak. I use the first months of the year to think about what I want to achieve and make my commitment in March.

Last year I decided on the mission to make my training and education programs available as online video trainings and that was easier said than done. As trainer I work a lot with personal interaction with the audience, which until last year were (almost) always people in the same room. Doing my training and education programs by video basically takes away an important tool from my toolbox. Although this goal for last year might seem easy to you, it was a long journey for me, and I learned a lot.

What did I want to achieve with this goal? Reduce the traveling around the world to deliver training for clients, eliminate the wasted time for traveling and make the training programs more accessible. As advocate for sustainability I simply could not support an education and training model in which flights and traveling and all the waste and pollution that comes with it are part of the program. And that is not just the flights and traveling I would have to do. Clients would fly in employees and customers from different locations for courses.

The change I wanted to see had to start with myself, so I started with me, with learning and developing new skills and methods. Practicing, testing and optimizing and I am very proud of the results! Online Education Program

The year before that I set my goal to learn how to use Social Media to spread my messages and thoughts on Cyber Security, Leadership and Sustainability. Being a person who has focused on personal and face-to-face communication for most of my life, this wasn’t an easy journey and the journey is far from over. Let us call it an intermediate result when I say that the journey and progress are good so far! Social Media Awards

And the year before that I set the goal to make my program Internet Safety for Kids (and their parents) available online so it would no longer depend on my physical presence. The program keeps evolving and improving and is available in several languages. Internet Safety for Kids (and their Parents)

These annual goals have 2 objectives which matter a lot to me. With these goals I combine my desire to continuously develop myself and never get stuck in what I believe to know with my desire to share what I learn and allow others to benefit from my experiences. These goals also provide me with a motivation for the slower days and something to look forward to on the hectic days.

This year I have set a goal which is very dear to me and gives me the feeling that I will be able to combine basically everything I have learned so far and gives me the opportunity to learn more than I have done so far.

Unite Cyber Security with Inclusion and Accessibility so we can all thrive in our connected society!

Inspired by my dear friends Debra Ruh (Follow Debra on Twitter) and Antonio Vieira Santos (Follow Antonio on Twitter) and always applying the lessons in Complexity Simplified by Carmen Dahl (Follow Carmen on Twitter), I will go on a journey of discovering and learning to find out what the lack of inclusion and accessibility means for cyber security. And hopefully come up with some suggestions for solutions!

Normally I go through a long list of ideas to set my goal and the selection process isn’t always easy. There is so much I care about and so many areas where I still have to learn so much. This year’s goal is different. Looking back, I have to admit that I might have already decided on this goal last year during a conversation with Richard Streitz (Follow Richard on Twitter).

Richard works with Debra for Ruh Global Impact as one of the experts for inclusion and accessibility. Richard is a great storyteller. Someone who can plant a seed in your mind that keeps growing on its own. And that is what he did with his explanation how important inclusion-by-design is, and how many people you exclude when you don’t provide this.

Since that conversation I have been building bridges in my mind. Bridges between what I know and what I don’t know and have never focused on. Looking back at hundreds of Design Thinking sessions and realizing we missed the point. The optimal customer base and not the entire customer base. Oh boy, did we miss the point! Thousands of Cyber Security sessions where the focus was on those who can, not on those who can’t. Oh boy, did I miss the point…

Bugging my friend and mentor Debra Ruh with questions about how we could tackle this. Listening to Carmen explaining me how simplification makes the message understandable for more people, and how complication is excluding people. Oh boy, oh boy, did I miss the point. Again and again. This has to change and the change I want to see starts with myself!

Building more bridges and coming up with more questions. The seed is growing, Richard!

So, this is my mission for 2020. Unite Cyber Security with Inclusion and Accessibility so we can all thrive in our connected society! There will be blogs, podcasts, research, proposals, conversations, questions. This is not about me, and also not about you. This is about all of us.

And through all of us I hope that we can all learn that ALL OF US means much more to those who are not given the opportunity to be integrated to our society than to those who are. Join me!

Thank you Debra, thank you Antonio, thank you Richard, thank you Carmen.