Blockchain will not eliminate fraud or cure diseases, and cryptocurrencies in its current form will only exist until governments have found ways to control it like fiat currencies. Hi, I am JD and welcome to Blockchain beyond the Hype.

Opening a keynote session on the future of blockchain in this way is a signature for the work by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag, Executive Consultant, Researcher, Author and Keynote Speaker. Over the years, JD developed a reputation as reliable realist to breakdown new technology developments into usable implementations and transformations.

The following thought provoking keynotes are available:

Blockchain beyond the Hype - What is blockchain, what isn't blockchain, and what needs to be done before blockchain can start to fulfill the promises.

Blockchain and Endpoint Security - No need to hack blockchain itself when the endpoint devices are much easier to crack. Blockchain can work against you when your devices are exposed to hackers. This keynote is part of The Crypto Roadshow. Read all about The Crypto Roadshow and book your tickets for a great educational event on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain!

Ethical Technology Development - Will Artificial Intelligence be the next Manhattan project? It will if we don't start applying a framework of ethical standards around the evolving technology and it's community.

Agile Business reality check - Agile itself is a good concept to achieve flexibility and true market obsession. The real transformation to become Agile is however (almost) always blocked by treating it as a way to do more-with-less by the development teams. Wake up, Execs. Agile is not another badge for the website, and will not solve resource restrictions or bad planning.

Make them see the cow - Emotional competence and the art of presenting. You will see the cow, like it or not.

Other customized keynotes can be developed in collaboration with your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact me for topics and suggestions.

Keynote languages: English, German or Dutch

Keynotes can be booked by organizations and companies. For further information, please use the contact form or simply write an email to info @ johannesdrooghaag . com

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