KEYNOTE: Did you see the cow?

KEYNOTE: Did you see the cow?

An eye-opening demonstration how our emotions influence our thoughts and perception of true and false

Under the banner “don’t believe everything you think”, Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag demonstrates with a single image and a loaded toolkit of storytelling skills how we can easily be manipulated by our own emotions. Although we think we are in control of our own thoughts and responses, this keynote demonstrates that this is not always the case, and how easy it can be to let us believe something that is not true. In fact, this demonstration goes as far as showing that even when we know that something is not true, our emotional response can still let us believe that it is true.

With a few more demonstrations in this eye-opening keynote, Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag makes the audience aware how cybercriminals use these methods to manipulate our emotional responses. For example, by triggering a false sense of urgency, or by generating a feeling of trust and confidence. Once aware how easy this is, the audience will become significantly more aware of the risks of social engineering and manipulation.

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About Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag, commonly known as JD, started his career in Applied Information Technology and quickly realized that the development and complexity of technology outpaces the development of our understanding of technology.

Working based on the principal that we don’t have to understand the bits and bytes to use technology, but we must understand how to use it optimal and secure, Johannes developed a wide range of consulting services, training programs, keynotes and workshops to allow people and organizations to do just that: embrace technology in the optimal and secure way. The Human Element in Cyber Security, The Human Element in Agile and Cyber Security for Road Warriors (and Couch Potatoes) are examples of these programs.

Working as consultant, trainer and speaker with clients and partners around the globe, the mission is crystal clear. Bridge the gap between what we do and what we know.

I am JD. I love what I do, and so will you!

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