Internet Safety for Kids

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Like with most other things, there are a lot of good things about the internet, there are some not so good things, and there are also bad things about the internet. With Internet Safety for Kids, we will help you to enjoy all the great things internet has to offer, and protect yourself against the bad things that are part of the internet.

Think of it like the weather. We can of course hope that we stay dry on a rainy day, but the smarter thing to do is wear a coat and bring an umbrella, right? Internet Safety for Kids is like that coat and umbrella for the internet. It will still rain, but you can protect yourself by doing the right things.

Don’t worry, Internet Safety for Kids is not a technical training. There are a lot of smart kids in our team, who make sure that everything we will show you is understandable. And believe me when I say, that this is necessary, because we sometimes make things so complicated that even the technicians do not understand it themselves.

What can you expect from Internet Safety for Kids? In 20 videos we will explain important topics about the internet, and how you can protect yourself, your friends, and your family. This is an important thing to understand. By protecting yourself against hackers and cybercriminals, you also make sure that they can not use you to cause harm to others. So, when you protect yourself, you automatically protect others. Pretty cool, right?

That is also the reason why we want you to learn from Internet Safety for Kids together. Parents, children, teachers, families, friends. Let us all join the program and make sure that we talk about what we learn. So that we can explain it together, understand it together, and help others to understand why protecting each other on the internet is so important.

We have 20 exciting episode that enable parents and children to learn together, and give them plenty to talk and think about. It is very important, that we talk about cybersecurity, and that we make sure we all understand what we should do and what we should not do.

  1. Updates, patches, and parental control.
  2. Social Media and privacy.
  3. Passwords and Multi-Factor-Authentication.
  4. Which security settings are important?
  5. Don’t talk to internet-strangers.
  6. Search engines for kids.
  7. What to do when you are hacked or got a virus.
  8. Ransomware explained and how to prevent it.
  9. Free Wi-Fi and the dos and don’ts.
  10. So, you did something wrong, now what?
  11. Learning from each other for parents and kids.
  12. Making and protecting backups.
  13. Is the cloud safe for kids?
  14. Privacy rules and what they mean for kids.
  15. When it sounds too good to be true.
  16. Make sure you do not become a cyber bot.
  17. Kids with disabilities and the internet.
  18. Hacking explained.
  19. Cybersecurity is a team sport, and we need you.
  20. Cyber-mobbing, preventing and ending it.

Internet Safety for Kids. Made for children, parents, and teachers. Are you with us?

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