Internet Safety for Kids

Internet Safety for Kids Episode 8 – Ransomware explained and how to prevent it.

There is a big problem going around on the internet and it is called ransomware. Today we will have a look at what this is, what you can do to prevent becoming a victim of ransomware, and what you should and should not do when you become a victim. Are you ready?

Let us start with explaining what ransomware is. Very simply said it means that cybercriminals encrypt all your data on your device, and they will only give it back to you when you pay them. Your data is still there but you can no longer use it because it is encrypted and you do not have the key. It is as if you can not enter your own house because someone has changed the lock on the door. And they will only give you the new key when you have paid them. Or that is what they say, because there are many cases where people have paid but still did not get the key to their data. Imagine what that means. All your pictures are gone. All videos. All files and data. Everything!

There are different ways in which ransomware cybercriminals can take control over your devices. Clicking on links or opening attachments are a very big part of that. But they can also abuse vulnerabilities in your devices or apps which are not patched. Why don’t we have a look at the things you could and should do to protect yourself against ransomware?

• Keep all your devices and apps updated and install updates as soon as they are available.
• Use good anti-virus and anti-malware software on all your devices.
• Do not click on links in messages and emails.
• Do not open attachments in messages and emails.
• Make regular backups of all your data and keep your backup in a safe place.
• Stop and think before you do anything, it can prevent mistakes.