Internet Safety for Kids

Internet Safety for Kids Episode 7 – What to do when you are hacked or got a virus?

Let us be very honest with each other. Governments get hacked. Big companies get hacked. Even really good cybersecurity experts get hacked. This shows that it can happen to all of us, and it also shows that it can happen to you and me. Today we will have a look at what you should do in case you get hacked or get a virus, and of course we will also look at what you should not do which is at least as important.

  • Act immediately when you think or know that you are hacked or got infected by a cyber virus.
  • Keep in mind that you are also protecting others by solving this problem immediately.
  • Asking for help from someone you trust can be the smart thing to do.
  • When your account was hacked, make copies or screenshots to make sure you have all details when needed.
  • Do not use your backup until you are sure that the problem is solved because otherwise you could spread the problem to your backup.