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Internet Safety for Kids Episode 20 – Cyber-mobbing, preventing and ending it

There is one very negative side effect of the internet and that is cyberbullying. Bullying is very bad and can cause real pain and sorrow to the victims. Cyberbullying can even be worse when it just does not stop and people think they can get away with it. We have to stop cyberbullying and we have to prevent it from spreading like a plague. When you are a victim of cyberbullying, there are no easy answers and solutions we can give you, but we can help you to make it stop. And should you be involved in cyberbullying in any way, we only have one simple message for you: STOP!

It is not easy to stop cyberbullying and we fully understand that you might have a lot of difficulties dealing with it. You have to be strong and make sure you do the right things to make it stop. Here are some tips for you.

• Silence is not going to solve the problem. Inform your parents or other adults.
• Most schools have special counselors to help you deal with this, reach out to them.
• Nobody has the right to cyberbully you or anyone else.
• Make all your social media profiles private and block the bullies.
• Make screenshots so you can show them to your parents or counselors.
• Do not try to answer by cyberbullying or getting others involved.
• Always remember that you are not alone. Reach out to people you trust!

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