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Internet Safety for Kids Episode 18 – Hacking explained

We hear a lot about hacking and hackers, but do we really know what that means? Are we always using these names correctly, or are we maybe calling things hacking which are not hacking at all? I bet we do, so this is our topic for today. No, we will not teach you how to hack other people or computers. We will explain what hacking is, and also what it is not.

Hacking something to find a weakness or to solve a problem is in fact something positive, something creative. It is even a very good way to learn about how technology works. Causing damages to others has nothing to do with hacking! Please follow our advice from Internet Safety for Kids to prevent that you become the victim of cybercriminals who falsely call themselves hackers. Let us make some notes to make sure we all understand what hacking means.

• Hacking is using something for what it was not designed for.
• Hacking is about finding a weakness or solving a problem.
• Hacking is a great way to learn to understand technology.
• When you find a weakness in a product or service, you should report it to the owners.
• Causing damages and harming others has nothing to do with hacking.

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