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Internet Safety for Kids Episode 17 – Kids with disabilities and the internet

Today’s topic is a very serious one. Kids with disabilities and the internet. We really hope that we can encourage smart kids with and without disabilities to watch this episode and learn how we can make sure that the internet is a great place for all of us. Let us start with some facts. There are more than 2 billion children in the world and 150 million children have a disability. So, that means for every 100 children, almost 8 children have some form of disability. And those children also want to use the internet to learn and have fun. We do not have all the answers how we can make that happen, but we do have some tips how we can get along together on the internet. That is what we will discuss today.

Internet Safety for Kids is very proud to collaborate with Ruh Global Impact and Billion Strong. Billion Strong is a global organization that focusses on enabling and empowering the more than one billion people with disabilities to live a quality life as a valued member of our society. Sara Ruh is the Ambassador for Disability and Accessibility for our program, and Internet Safety for Kids is grateful for her work as champion for the Billion Strong community at Ruh Global Impact!

When we have a look at everyone’s abilities, we will discover that we all have different abilities. Some are very good at something, and others are very good at something else. Let us all treat each other with respect in our daily lives and on the internet. Here are some tips we discussed today.

• Treat each other with respect. Being kind is always the best thing you can do.
• When you find an APP with good accessibility that helps you or someone in your family, please write a review so other people with disabilities can find it.
• When you find an APP with bad accessibility that does not help you or someone in your family, please write a review so other people with disabilities are informed and maybe the developers will solve it.
• Children with disabilities have the same right to be treated with respect as anyone else. That includes the internet and that also includes their right to privacy!

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