Internet Safety for Kids

Internet Safety for Kids Episode 15 – When it sounds too good to be true…

Sometimes someone tells you something and it is so fantastic, it almost sounds like it is too good to be true. You get very excited and forget to think it through. Afterwards you find out that it really was too good to be true and now you have to deal with whatever problem it causes. Sounds familiar? This can happen to all of us and when we are honest, we have to admit that it happened to all of us. Because things like this happen a lot on the internet, and we want to help you prevent it from happening to you, we will have a look at this in today’s video.

When you step back for a moment and do your homework by checking and thinking it through, you take away their most important trick. Think before you act! Let us make some notes for you to remember.

  1. Always think and check before you do something and never act just because someone says it is great.
  2. Ask yourself why. For example, why would something you have to pay for suddenly be free?
  3. Never turn off your antivirus software and firewall.
  4. Check for other sources, so you do not act on just one.
  5. Asking an adult you trust never hurts and it might help you to prevent making a mistake.