Internet Safety for Kids

Internet Safety for Kids Episode 13 – Is the cloud safe for kids?

Maybe you are already using a cloud solution and you do not know it yet. When you have a smartphone, it is almost certain that you use the cloud. But do we all understand what the cloud is and what it does? And another important question is of course, is the cloud safe for kids? We believe that you do not have to be a technical expert to be able to use technology safely, and that also applies to the cloud. Our topic for today is: what is the cloud and how can you use it safely.

The cloud is wonderful technology which allows you to do things that are not possible on your own device, and it also allows you to be part of our global society. And our society has good and bad things, just like it has good and bad people. When you use the cloud, we want you to enjoy the good things and to protect yourself against the bad things. Here are some practical tips to help you with that.

• It never hurts to ask your parents or other adults before you sign up for something.
• Use strong unique passwords and multifactor authentication.
• Do not give others access to your cloud accounts.
• Don’t share personal information like for example your address and phone number.
• Do not talk to internet strangers and do not accept invitations to meet.
• Make sure that you always use good antivirus software.
• Think before you act or react. That can really help you to prevent mistakes.