Internet Safety for Kids

Internet Safety for Kids Episode 12 – Making and protecting backups

All the devices we use are basically composed of 5 things. The device itself, the operating system on that device, the apps we use on the device, the settings and of course all the data and information we store on the device. Now imagine that something happens to our device. Maybe we lost it, or it fell and is permanently broken. Or we got a virus. Or even worse, our device is encrypted by ransomware. We can replace the device or have it repaired. The operating system comes with the device and when needed we can install it again, just like the apps. But what happens to all the information and the settings? That is what the backups are for and that is our topic for today.

• Backups protect you against data losses when something happens to your devices or accounts.
• You can not get data from the backup you did not make, so make sure you have a recent backup.
• Make sure to protect your backup and secure it with a strong password and encryption.
• Keep your backup in a safe place and only use your backup to restore data in an emergency.
• When you use an external USB device to make backups you should only use it for backups and nothing else.
• Before you restore data from a backup, make sure you have antivirus and antimalware software and that you scan your device before you connect to your backup.
• The only backup you will regret is the backup you did not make, so make sure you make regular backups and keep them secure for when you really need them.