Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Kids use the internet for all kinds of things. Games, homework, social media, hobbies, chatting with friends, the list is endless and constantly changing. As parents it can be quite a challenge to keep up and even more of a challenge to make sure that our kids use the internet safely.

Restrictions and limiting might appear to be a solution but in reality, they do not help children understand what the dos and don’ts are. Communication and involvement work much better. Knowing what your kids do and letting them know that you care can however be a challenge when their preferences change proverbially faster than the weather does.

That is why we developed Internet Safety for Kids. 20 child-friendly cartoon videos of 5 minutes which parents and children can watch together to help them understand the importance of cybersecurity in our connected world. Each video will address an important topic and each video will give kids and parents plenty to talk about.

Internet Safety for Kids is developed in collaboration with children, parents, and teachers. Our goal is to create a platform by which children and parents, and of course teachers can make cybersecurity and internet safety an understandable topic they speak openly and regularly about.

Cybersecurity is an important part of our lives in our connected society, and that includes making sure that our kids understand it.

Episode 1: Updates, patches, and parental control.
Episode 2: Social Media and privacy.
Episode 3: Passwords and Multi-Factor-Authentication.
Episode 4: Which security settings are important.
Episode 5: Don’t talk to internet-strangers.
Episode 6: Search engines for kids.
Episode 7: What to do when you are hacked or got a virus.
Episode 8: Ransomware explained and how to prevent it.
Episode 9: Free Wi-Fi and the dos and don’ts.
Episode 10: So, you did something wrong, now what?
Episode 11: Learning from each other for parents and kids.
Episode 12: Making and protecting backups.
Episode 13: Is the cloud safe for kids?
Episode 14: Privacy rules and what they mean for kids.
Episode 15: When it sounds too good to be true.
Episode 16: Make sure you do not become a cyber bot.
Episode 17: Kids with disabilities and the internet.
Episode 18: Hacking explained.
Episode 19: Cybersecurity is a team sport, and we need you.
Episode 20: Cyber-mobbing, preventing and ending it.

Internet Safety for Kids offers a unique opportunity to reach parents, children and teachers with an important message.

The combination of high-quality content on an important topic and a carefully crafted social media strategy contribute to the vast popularity of Internet Safety for Kids.

Join Internet Safety for Kids as Sponsor to reach a large audience and the customers of the future! And please don’t forget that a large number of your customers are parents, too!

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