Human Potential

Convergence of Military Leadership and Business Leadership

Military training concepts around the globe are based on 2 straight forward pillars. Skills are the result of practicing and every human being is capable of doing much more than they believe they can.

Successful Business Leaders ensure that their team is capable of doing what they are willing to do. And they make sure that capability and willingness continuously grow. Balanced growth of willingness and ability unleash the real human potential.

By combining these principals from own experience and education, I enable organizations to unleash their human potential.

Growth in times of Digital Transformation and Disruption

Being good is no longer good enough. Changes comes fast and from all directions. Either we develop the ability to respond agile to changes in the market, or we lose our chances on the market. At the same time we need to continuously grow our organization and update the leadership mindset and skill-set.

With almost 30 years of Executive experience combined with Military Leadership, I still learn every single day from the people I interact with. From Emotional Competence Coach, to Agile Business Coach, from Change Leadership Champion to LEAN Manufacturing, and more, I have the experience to be able to filter the noise from the music. Together we will find the optimal mix that works for your organization, and I am already looking forward to learning from you at least as much as you will learn from me. In all those years of experience, I have made plenty of mistakes and learned more from those than from any formal education. I will share my mishaps and the lessons they taught me. Are you willing to share what you learned?

I am a people-person, and that is what I focus on. The right and the wrong we do is determined by our mindset and our attitude. We will never gain any benefit from technology and transformation when we approach it with the wrong mindset and attitude. Growing the right mindset to face the challenges ahead is what matters. You and your team have the potential within yourselves, and I will help you reach that potential to the fullest. Being prepared increases the capability of dealing with the unexpected and unknown.

Long-term Success Depends on the Right Partner

In close cooperation with my clients, I develop forward-looking solutions that achieve sustainable results.  This is what my broad range of experience stands for.  I provide 30+ years experience in Leadership Development.  My industry experience includes Fintech, Manufacturing and IT/TelCo.

I take responsibility for measurable results – because I play to win!