How You Can Become An Amazing Boss

How You Can Become An Amazing Boss

You may have just started your own business and you are wondering how to be a great boss and get all the best people working for you. In order to be a fantastic boss, there are many things you can do. Sometimes you simply just need to be friendly, kind and accepting of your employee’s needs. Here are six ways you can be the best boss possible. 

Be Approachable 

Nobody wants to work for a boss who is cruel or unfriendly. To be the most amazing boss you can be you should be friendly and approachable at all times. Of course, you may have your off days as does everyone but you mustn’t let this affect your work in any way shape or form. If there are problems within the workplace then you must be seen to be working towards a solution for this. For example, if someone comes to you with a harassment claim you need to focus on your policies and procedures and work your way through this. 

Take time out of your day to be an active listener if anyone comes to you with problems. These could be problems inside or outside the office. If you see one of your workers having a bad day, why not pull them to one side to have a chat about what is bothering them. 

Offer Flexibility 

When you hire people to work for you you must be as clear as possible with your job description and personal specification. This makes it clear from the get-go where everyone stands. If you offer flexible working options you will be seen as an understanding boss rather than telling people they have to work so many hours each week. You might want to have part-time and full-time workers so all bases are covered in case of sickness or time off. 

There will of course be pros and cons of part-time vs full-time for each person and each company. You have to work out if the pros outweigh the cons for you. A lot of companies will offer different rewards and benefits to their full-time workers so the part-time workers feel less valued. This shouldn’t be the case at all, but it is up to you at the end of the day. 

Make Reasonable Targets

As a business, it is important you have targets that you need to reach, usually by the end of the year. These should be shared with all employees and you could also have a notice board with the total numbers on it. However, you need to be firm but fair when it comes to setting targets. They must be attainable, otherwise, you are just setting everyone, including yourself up to fail. Making your goals realistic and achievable will give your employees a huge sense of pride when they achieve them. 

Be A Good Role Model

In order to be a great boss, you need to be a perfect example of the rules and regulations. If you are telling your workers they need to follow a dress code then you must follow it too. For example, everyone’s turning up in suits and then you turn up in jeans. It gives the wrong message from the start.  

Give Out Rewards

When you are proud of what your employees have achieved, let them know. You can give someone a much-needed boost if you praise them. You never know what your workers are going through in their personal lives so rewarding them will bring them a sense of joy, pride, and achievement. Your rewards can be anything from gift cards to extra days off throughout the year. 

You could also have an annual bonus or annual reward system for your employees. You could hand these out before the Christmas break and watch as your employees’ faces light up. 

Career Climbing Opportunities 

Everyone has ambitions and dreams about where they want to be in five years. Within your business, you should think about offering opportunities for your employees to climb the career ladder and earn promotions wherever possible. Individuals don’t want to be stuck in the same job all their life, they want to be able to say ‘I achieved this’ and you can make that happen. 

If you have workers who would like to further their career, you could also send them on training courses. Take nursery workers, for example, they continue to work at a nursery while also studying for higher qualifications. 

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We hope this helps you understand different ways you can be a great boss. The benefit of being a good boss is that people will want to work for you, so you will never suffer from a high employee churn rate. 

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