How Will You Give Your Reputation a Signal Boost?

How Will You Give Your Reputation a Signal Boost?

Professionals like lawyers, accountants and all kinds of consultants either survive or thrive based on the strength of their reputation. But when you’re in your early years, and don’t have a substantial track record behind you, establishing your reputation can be challenging- no matter how impressive your skills, knowledge and expertise may be. In the eyes of prospective clients, you may be seen as an unproven commodity. And now, more than ever, clients are likely to be highly risk-averse. This is, after all, an era where nothing can be taken for granted. 

The good news, however, is that there are lots of ways in which you can give your professional reputation a signal boost and make yourself more visible to the companies and individuals who might just become your next high-paying clients. Let’s look at some ways in which you can improve your visibility and build upon your reputation…

Seek representation

Convince people that you are highly knowledgeable, professional and reliable and they are much more likely to trust you with their livelihood. Guest speaking at corporate engagement, appearances on TV, radio and podcasts, training events and other special appearances can provide an awesome opportunity to grow your reputation and lend prestige to your personal brand. However, creating the opportunities to do this on your own may prove challenging.

Reach out to a professional publicist that specializes in your area of expertise. For instance, Elite Lawyer Management provide specialist management services for lawyers. You can benefit from their extensive contacts list and the trust they’ve built up amongst their clientele to ensure that your call to action falls upon all the right ears.

Invest in your relationships with clients

For all professionals, referrals are a cornerstone of building a strong professional reputation. But if you assume that delivering great service to a client once is enough to guarantee a referral, you may be in for a rude awakening. The truth is that your clients are busy, and you need to be proactive to keep your name and your brand at the forefront of their minds. Schedule appointments to send them catch up emails. Make the time to check in with them in person or take them out for a coffee. Invest your time and effort into solidifying that relationship. This will ensure that when their contacts have need of your services, yours will be the only name that comes to mind. 

Don’t be afraid to impart your knowledge

Your knowledge and expertise are your USP. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t give prospective clients a free taste. Regularly posting thought leadership content on LinkedIn and your own personal website is a great way to showcase your knowledge and demonstrate your expertise to a broad audience. 

Be wary, however, there’s a fine line that must be trodden here. You’ll need to ensure that the tone of your content dowsn’t come across as self-aggrandizing or you may put prospective clients off. You should think of how the content you post will be useful and relevant to your potential clients. Think about how it will help them address a common pain point or solve a problem that they encounter regularly, and you’ll be onto a winner. 

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