How Construction Businesses Can Recover Post-COVID-19

How Construction Businesses Can Recover Post-COVID-19

Start your engines because the world of business is returning. Countries around the world have decided to lift the lockdown in their respective nations, which means you need to get back to work. But as a construction company, how do you recover from COVID-19 and the lockdown? It’s so vital that you have a formulated recovery plan because it seems like your industry is going to become extremely competitive in the next few months. This is because construction projects do involve close proximity work, so only companies that are advanced enough to finish projects under strict circumstances will be given contracts.

New compliance policies

Site operating procedures must change. You need to have safety measures in place, which will satisfy the government and the customer. 

  • Site access: Only authorized workers and managers can be allowed on the construction site. This is to prevent the spread of the virus that sick workers bring into tight spaces. You should also consider paying to have tests done on all your workers, to see who is safe and who is infected.
  • Strict numbers: Remember that only teams of a certain amount can work closely together. In the UK, no more than 6 members of a team can congregate. Therefore, you must select teams and make sure they are working separately from one another; distance-wise.
  • Hygiene: Do your facilities have adequate safety measures regarding hygiene? Make sure that there are sanitizers in reaching distance and face masks as well as gloves are worn at all times.
  • Lunchtime: Workers must be allowed to take off their safety equipment during lunch hour, but they must follow correct hygiene procedures before re-entering the workspace.

Fuel for thought

Now that so many construction projects will get underway and restart, you need effective solutions for becoming more autonomous. Essentially, you cannot and should not rely on traveling a lot of the time, for logistical purposes. This can increase the risk of a worker picking up the virus from other businesses and it prolongs project completion which will already be more than usual. So, use a service like red diesel from FuelBox. This highly refined fuel is needed for your heavy machinery to operate, but the great thing is, it’s delivered to you on-site. The packaging is safe and yet it’s recyclable. So you don’t need to pay for the removal of waste. This speeds up projects and improves your productivity.

Restart your supply chains

The future of supply chains is very uncertain. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown have shown the world that relying on far-away nations and long supply chains that eliminate from China, is not a sound strategy for sustainable and stable growth. Your company must rethink and begin rerouting your supply chain through geographically closer suppliers. This will help to restart your supply chain, avoid long days and weeks for real-world fulfillment, and increase local supply chain activity. 

It’s so important for your construction business to have safety compliance policies for on-site protection of workers. You may find you’re not chosen for projects because you’re lacking in this specific area. 

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