Thousands of children and adolescents with an uncertain future live in orphanages, social centers and hospitals. Many organizations donate money to help them, and try to teach them everything they need in life. But it does not work. Children do not accept knowledge and do not believe in themselves.

90% of adolescents caught in a difficult situation, will not return to normal life. Why? Because you can not help someone who does not want to be helped. If you have ever been in an orphanage, then you know: the most terrible sight is the extinct eyes.

Lack of desire to change your life for the better - that's the main problem. We fight with her by telling stories. Adolescents in difficult life situations do not believe in themselves and consider their development meaningless. We do not agree with them. With the help of a positive example and simple communication, we return them to motivation.

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Our Mission: To show an example of positive life choices, broaden the minds of adolescents and give them inspiration and faith in themselves. If at least one cherished dream lights up in meetings with our guests, we will consider our mission accomplished.

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