Global Ambassador Your Passport 2 Grow

As father of 2 smart and fast growing teens, I set myself a clear challenge. How can I support my children in becoming the best person they want to be? By this I don’t mean career goals or degrees, although these are of course important. I want my kids to be content with who they are. To find their purpose and passion, and be able to pursue those.

Looking back at my own life, I realize I had many people giving me great advice and especially in my younger days, I basically ignored all that advice and tried to figure out the rights and wrongs on my own. Part of that was of course puberty, part of that was being raised as an independent person, and then there was my tendency of being stubborn in my younger days. I still am but nowadays I prefer to call it persistent.

Of course I want my kids to find their own way and learn their own lessons, and still I want to make their path easier than mine was. Or at least help them accept and embrace the good advice and with that still find their own way and purpose in life. While expressing this to my dear friend and mentor Neville Gaunt, he simply said “you might want to have a look at what we do with YP2Grow”. So I did, appreciating as always that Neville will guide me where to look without telling me what I should see.

I only had one question. How can I join YP2Grow? This program and the facilities created to develop mental skills in our youth and young adults turned out to be not only what I was looking for for my own kids, but also what touched me deeply as coach and mentor. Finally I found the answer to a questions I asked myself many times in my professional life. What if I would have learned this or that lesson 20 years earlier? Would it have helped me in this or that difficult situation? The answer was always yes, and I found that in YP2Grow. Growing and developing what we tend to call soft-skills at the youngest possible age and at the same time enable our youth and young adults to find and pursue their purpose.

Several conversations later I was invited to become Global Ambassador for YP2Grow, a role I accepted with the same pride I experience every single day being part of this wonderful organization.

Would you like to join the ripple and make a difference for our next generations? Have look Your Passport 2 Grow, or contact Neville Gaunt on Twitter or write me an email.