The courses and related coaching by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag are based on 30+ years of experience, formal and practical education and learning from experiences. The common goal of these courses, workshops and coaching is to give the participants practical guidance to improve their business, and a roadmap for further development. Since interaction is an important aspect in the learning process, each course and workshop offers enough opportunity for dialogue and follow up.

Each course block is available as 3 hours onsite workshop, or as 2 hours online video conference training, and will always be delivered by Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag in person.

Contributing to sustainability

In a world where resources are scarce and our environment has finally become a priority for businesses and individuals, I kindly request all organizations to look at the wonderful opportunities of trainings by video conference. Not only do we reduce the impact of traveling, time and costs, we also decrease our CO2 footprint.

Selecting the roadmap of education

Courses by Johannes Drooghaag come in 3 flavors:

  • Modular courses in which participants and organizations can select a roadmap of development for various topics.
  • Recurring courses in the field of Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience, which provide a quarterly update and insight in developments, threats and smart ways of detecting and avoiding risks.
  • Customized courses on request which are optimized for the specific needs of organizations.

Each course includes a digital set of the training materials, a checklist for follow-up actions, and a personalized Certificate of Completion for each participant.

Courses are available in English, Dutch and German.

Spearhead Management – The Spearhead Management Model (SMM) is a complete package to create transformation from within the organization. Spearheading includes RED TEAM to prevent costs of failure, Agile and Design Thinking to fail fast and transform rapidly, Disruptive and Staged Innovation to select the right path, and the good old LEAN principles to eliminate waste. The Spearhead Management Training & Coaching is a set of courses and coaching sessions which will be customized for the client’s needs and requirements.

Leadership Development – 30+ years hands-on Military and Business Leadership experience lead to an exclusive and effective view on Leadership. Taking responsibility for decisions and inclusive decision making processes are as necessary as understanding that Leading by Example is more than a phrase. Our mindset and actions determine how effective we are as leaders.

Leadership Development courses and workshops are offered in 3 levels, and can be customized to the client’s organizational requirements.

Change Management – Designing a change is easy, presenting a change plan even more so. The challenge of making change happen and making changing a recurring habit is to change the mindsets of stakeholders and participants. Change from without is the foundation of this Change Management Course. Don’t expect new forms and procedures, this is about the soft skills and motivation of yourself and your team.

Agile Business Management – Being agile is all about the ability to respond fast and accurate. Business goals remain long term and strategic planning is still expected to be fulfilled, even when delivery is expected to be fast and in short cycles. The one doesn’t exclude the other with the right mindset and leadership skills. Agile Business Management is about enabling a company or organization to respond rapidly to market developments, starting with the leadership team.

LEAN Business Management – LEAN is a straight forward concept: eliminate all kinds of waste during the process by making the process efficient, adjustable and controllable. LEAN Business Management implements the same principles at leadership level to allow companies and organizations to benefit from waste reduction throughout every step, even before products and services are launched.

PMO and Agile Delivery – Project Management Methods follow a strict structure of tasks, resources and deliverables. Agile on the other hand is driven by flexibility and learning by doing rather than following preset sequences and definitions of task. This course is designed to combine these worlds without losing the benefits of PMO or Agile.

RED TEAM Business Management – In times of crisis, the ability of an organization to respond is determined by the level of preparation and the mindset of the people. Thinking about the potential impact of an issue at the moment the issue is causing a crisis is not only too late, it will also lead to unnecessary damages and delay a resolution. RED TEAM Business Management prepares the organization to deal with a crisis in the right way. By identifying and eliminating weaknesses on forehand, and creating the mindset throughout the organization that critical thinking about success is a good thing!

With the necessary focus on high paced technical developments of threats and defensive mechanisms in the field of Cyber Security, the demand for skilled (and motivated) Cyber Resilient leaders, managers and employees continuous to increase. Let us leave the technical skills in the hands of the highly qualified technicians and service providers, and focus together on developing our resilience against the threats.

“When we drive our cars, we are considered responsible for the safety of ourselves and others while driving, without being expected to be a car mechanic. We need the same sense of responsibility when using technology.”
Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Cyber Security for Road Warriors (and Couch Potatoes)
Convenience becomes significantly more important to us while we are traveling and the impact of being in an unknown environment shifts our focus to our surroundings and away from our actions. Combine these aspects of traveling, and even the most experienced traveler becomes an easy target for cyber criminals. This course is intended for the frequent (business) traveler and shows risks and mitigations based on practical examples.

Back to the Future Cyber Security
New technology is built for the future, or at least for the expected lifecycle of that technology, and that should include a matching Cyber Security policy to ensure hardening against cyber threats for the duration of that lifecycle. What about long term investments made in the past? In some fields we and our customers make investments that are planned to last for several decades. How do we handle cyber security for technology that is expected to contribute to our business much longer than the IT equipment we use?

Back to the Future Cyber Security is a manifesto that sets a 10-point strategy to address this and this course is a deep-dive into that manifesto and the strategy to ensure long term cyber security.

Back to the Future Cyber Security is also available as the following special courses:

  • Energy Supply and Oil & Gas Industry
  • Medical Facilities and Practices
  • Manufacturing and Infrastructure

Cyber Security Leadership
Although most companies have a responsible role and budget for HS&E, health, safety and environment are a responsibilities of everyone within the organization and it carried by the entire Leadership Team to ensure its execution. The same applies to Cyber Security, and that too is a matter of Leadership.

How do we lead by example in a field for which we do not understand the technical details? This Leadership course will provide the participants hands-on knowledge and roadmaps to become a Cyber Security Leader without having to be a Cyber Security Technician.

Leading Cyber Resilience

Cyber Threats are a rapidly spreading disease, and part of the challenge in defending your organization against this disease is the common misunderstanding that there is a cure. The bitter reality is that while we vaccinate our systems and business against a threat, hundreds of other threats emerge.

If we would solely rely on technology to keep us safe from those threats, we have already lost the battle before it has even begun. The answer is becoming Cyber Resilient and understanding that our behavior is the first line of defense, or the first line of failure.

This course is designed for Change Leaders outside of the technology sector, like for example HR departments.

“Resilience is the result of controlled exposure to a disease.”
Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag

Becoming Cyber Resilient

Cyber Resilience is a combination of situational awareness and conscious behavior. Knowing what to do and what not to do, in combination with mainly common sense based challenging of what might appear harmless, and a sense of urgency for Cyber Security can make the difference between being a victim or a victory during an attempted Cyber Attack.

The foundation of this training is developing the awareness that it is not a matter of if a Cyber Attack will take place, but solely when it will take place and being prepared for it. This training will not make it impossible to be hacked, but it will help the organizations and their employees to make it so difficult that it isn’t worth the effort for the Cyber Criminals.

Staying Cyber Resilient

A quarterly interactive refresher and gamified update of the latest developments in Cyber Threats and mitigations. From trends in Social Engineering to the latest development in malware and their impact, and resurfacing threats of which we thought they had already been mitigated.

Staying Cyber Resilient can only be booked as annual subscription for 4 quarterly training sessions and is based on requirement that all participants have joined the Becoming Cyber Resilient training or equivalent training.

Cyber Crisis Management

Military training concepts are based on accepting that it is impossible to be always fully prepared for the unknown threats and at the same time be prepared for the known threats and situations, so the focus and attention can be fully directed to the unknown.

In the most common Cyber Security Incident Scenarios, there is a significant part which can be handled according to a well prepared and rehearsed Incident Response Plan, and there will always be unknown components which must be addressed with full attention.

This course is designed to develop and prioritize the right Incident Response Planning, and the organizational readiness to handle the unknown elements as part of the plan. A Cyber Incident will happen, better be prepared for it!