We live in the fascinating age of exponential technologies. Different fields are converging at a rapid pace and value is created at their intersections. As the focus of innovation transcends areas it becomes increasingly abstract, upping the game for all in the accelerated disruption race. The Appetite for Disruption videos by the Disruption Disciples Zurich Chapter provide innovation essentials to successfully compete for the future.

In the “Crucial Concepts” Chapters we share the essentials of innovation, disruption and uptake. We look at how to select
investments and how to best present and build ventures. Everything is amplified and accelerated in today’s globalized arena of hypercompetition yet the fundamentals still apply. Get them down pat and then get in the ring.

Creating a band, building its catalogue, brand and audience all the way from a garage to an arena is very much like bringing a technology or any kind of innovation to market. Let’s hear from somebody who has been through exactly this.

– Jon Schaffer.

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