Cyber Security

Cyber Security beyond technology

It took the painful experience of becoming a victim of cyber crime myself until I realized that Cyber Security is more than just the technology and how we deploy that. Technology will always play an important role in Cyber Security but there is much more than just that. 

Decision making is the weakness of Cyber Security

85% of the known Cyber Incidents are the result of human interaction. In most cases that was caused by misconfiguration by qualified technicians. 80% of the companies that experienced a cyber incident were fully compliant with their own cyber security policies. In most cases these were developed by external specialized consulting firms.

No matter how we flip the coin, there will always be human interaction with technology and that is where things go wrong. The human interaction starts with the decision making and prioritization at Executive Leadership level. The human interaction continues through the decisions made by IT Departments and technicians. Long before any user can make a mistake that leads to a Cyber Incident, decisions have been made that determine the likelihood and impact of that mistake.

It is my mission to change the mindset throughout the chain of human interaction to increase organizational cyber resilience.

Winning by thinking like the enemy

The starting point for my clients are the following 4 questions. How does your leadership team prioritize Cyber Security? How does your IT Team manage Cyber Security? How do your users and customers handle Cyber Security? How do your vendors support and ensure Cyber Security? With the answers we go through a RED TEAM procedure in which we identify the weaknesses and create the necessary improvements, changing the mindset along the way.

Cyber Security is a matter of proactive defense. We will never win, but we sure can lose less!

In close cooperation with my clients, I develop forward-looking solutions that achieve sustainable results.  This is what my broad range of experience stands for.  I provide 30+ years experience in IT related services on many different sides of the table – as buyer, as seller, as strategists and as executive decision maker.  My industry experience includes Fintech, Manufacturing and IT/TelCo.

I take responsibility for measurable results – because I play to win!